Inventive Advertising – The Lifeline of Your Self-Published Book

More than the previous six months, I’ve attended various expos and writer’s conferences, which have translated into much more book sales for my self-published books. (All of my big books, which are my novels, quick story collections, are self-published.) At any price, I noticed an upsurge in sales for the duration of this time period and wondered why. Hunting back, I have noticed a direct correlation in between how substantially I marketplace and how substantially I sell. When I was constructing my radio shows and the literary agency, my book sales suffered, simply because I did not marketplace my personal books as substantially at that time.

Not too long ago, I’ve noticed a quantity of excellent self-published books exactly where the authors have provided up, so that is why I am re-issuing this short article I wrote in 1999. Having said that, I am updating it with the most recent ideas from technologies.

So you have self-published your book? What subsequent? Just after you have run by way of all your pals, loved ones, co-workers, religious organizations, and sororities/ fraternities, you normally run into a brick wall. The truth of the matter? You will wind up with a garage complete of books if you do not get out there and marketplace. (I speak from knowledge right here.) *Note: Some of this is not as substantially of a challenge now due to print-on-demand books.

Accurate, a self-published book never ever dies, gets remaindered, or goes out of print, but it also does not get the widespread distribution that a book published by mainstream gets. And even if you are published with mainstream, you would do nicely to “toot your personal horn” and market your personal book. But as the author/publisher, you have to put on all the hats.

You will have to hassle with book shops, barter, and most of all, do inventive advertising. The spend off: You will gather most of the income. Alternatively of only having eight to 15% on the books sold, excluding your advance, (as in the case of going with a mainstream publisher), you can get 100% (minus your production charges) on the book sales, if the sale is retail (such as to an person), and 45-60% of the sale of a book, if it is carried out by way of a distributor. These are some advertising ideas which will assist make a distinction in a book’s sales till it starts constructing its personal momentum.

1. Attempt to get distribution by way of Ingram, Partners, Baker and Taylor, amongst other book distributors. Lots of book shops will not take your books without having it becoming portion of a distribution chain. Ingram Books, 1-800-937-8000. Baker and Taylor, 1-800-775-1100. Get your books listed on and

2. Send out overview copies to neighborhood newspapers, magazines. (Get Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual for other locations you can send your overview copies.).

3. Network. Understand the law of reciprocity. Share sources with other writers and they will share with you. I am an African American writer, so I was capable to get sources from a further writer to the African American Museum. (In the previous, I wrote this writer’s press releases, which have been picked up by a neighborhood newspaper, as nicely as portion of her back cover.) In addition, hyperlink up with other artsy folks from other fields. In 1999, I linked up with a inventive Arts and Crafts pal who showed me how to place my books in baskets with ribbons. They sell very nicely that way. Also, these make good gifts for the holidays, which are from Halloween up to Father’s Day, such as Black History month.

4. Conduct or participate in seminars, conferences, or workshops exactly where you can make back-of-the-space sales. Also create your speaking skills. If you’d like, do spin-offs such as tapes, CD’s and audio books. (I’ve been speaking and teaching for the previous eight years now and I sell the most books when I speak. Men and women invest in you, not just your book.)

5. Hit the untraditional markets, such as beauty shops, and smaller corporations. You can even set up vendor tables your self. One particular year, I went to the Family members Reunion in Washington D.C. and sold very a handful of books on the Family members Talent evening, following performing a handful of poems and a reading. When, I even had a table at a carnival. Even though I did not sell that a lot of books, it gave me exposure. (I was understanding). Now, my sister and I have a mobile book shop on wheels exactly where we sell books from diverse components of Los Angeles, related to the street vendors in New York. This has even resulted in workshops at a neighborhood college.