Cisco CCNA (640-553) Security Exam Training – Using the “Class Type Urlfilter” Command

In today’s report, I will inform you concerning the Cisco IOS policy-map configuration mode command named “class sort urlfilter.” Network directors (like you) utilize the “course type urlfilter” command to affiliate a URL filter course that has a URL filtering plan map.

Underneath is the command’s syntax:

class type urlfilter [development | n2h2 | websense] course-map-name

As you’ll be able to see, You may use the command Using the trend, n2h2, and websense (optional) keywords; and Along with the expected course-map-title argument.

trend – This optional keyword is utilised to point that The category map relates to a Pattern Micro filtering URL filtering plan.

n2h2 – This optional search term is employed to indicate that The category map relates to a SmartFilter URL filtering plan.

websense – This optional search term is utilized to indicate that the class map applies to a Websense URL filtering plan.

class-map-title – And, this required argument would be the name of the URL filter course map.

Be aware: If you select not to utilize any with the optional key terms Using the command; the class map will use to a local filtering policy. And, you need to develop the class map for The category prior to deciding to can associate The category While using the plan map.

Another important point you need to know regarding the command, is always that CCNAs Typically use the command with the “parameter style urlfpolicy” command; plus the parameter kind urlfpolicy command is utilized to associate URL filtering parameters with the policy.

Down below is really an example of the command being used:


Router#configure terminal

Router(config)#policy-map style inspect urlfilter pattern-coverage

Router(config-pmap)#parameter type urlfpolicy craze development-param-map

Router(config-pmap)#class form urlfilter trusted-domain-class

Router(config-pmap-c)#allow for log


Router(config-pmap)#course sort urlfilter untrusted-domain-class

Router(config-pmap-c)#log reset


Router(config-pmap)#course style urlfilter trend drop-class-class

Router(config-pmap-c)#log reset


Router#copy operate commence

In the example over, the URL filtering policy map named “trend-policy” is staying established along with the “class sort urlfilter” command is being used to associate the plan map with a few URL filter lessons; the dependable-area-class, the untrusted-domain-course, and the fall-group class.

And, if you want to disassociate a URL filtering plan map from the URL filter class all You must do is kind the term “no” before the command; such as you see beneath:

Router(config-pmap)#no course form urlfilter pattern drop-group-class

Incidentally, if you decide to utilize the command, ensure that your router(s) is jogging Cisco IOS 12.4(twenty)T or larger.

I hope this post was extremely informative and aided you swiftly understand the utilization of The category kind urlfilter command. If you need To find out more; I counsel you pay a visit to my website, ended up you will discover the latest data concerning the Cisco CCNA (640-553) Stability exam strategies.

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